CMS - Content managment systems- allow you to make SEO changes to your website
A Content managment system does what it says it allows you to manage the content with in your website design. If it is a good CMS- content managment system- it will make your site search engine friendly and search engine optimisation easy.

Google clearly states in its webmaster pages that you should have decent content and keep it refreshed for your site to be search engine friendly and receive optimisation. There are things they do not like to see such has hidden words , bad links etc, our CMS does not allow these things and we do not recommend them if you want your site to be optimised and improve your business.

We do have a guide to help you with optimisation of your website design within our content management system, this is part of what makes our cms search engine friendly. Sometimes you might not put the correct wording in place for optimisation and we just give you gentle reminders as we want your site to be search engine optimised by using our content management system.