Search Engine friendly websites - SEO , CMS and design
A good example of a search engine friendly website created with our cms and has been on top of search engines for 10 years
Search Engine friendly websites designed and made with a CMS specifically to allow you to SEO your website by a company based near Tunbridge wells on the kent and sussex border.

Website Design
Many website designers work only on how a site looks. In this day and age your website design should cover how it looks and will it be search engine friendly (ie easy to search engine optimise and will it have CMS(Content management system) so that data can be kept fresh ) this is what big business pays a lot of money for.

Search engine friendly
this can be many different website designs. if you have cms it is easy to keep data fresh and optimise the website to be found on google but you might have a website designer who can do this optimisation for you

Search engine optimisation
this phrase is both Search Engine optimisation (SEO ) of your site and the person who Optimises your site. Again you can do optimise with CMS if the website design allows this, or you can have a search engine optimisation expert do it for you. Google advises caution especially if the search engine optimisation expert does not as for access to your website designs or your CMS as this means they are using all sorts of other methods which may not be ethical.

Content managment system
cms come in all shapes and sizes. There are online operations and free ware that can have you up and running in no time. Our CMS is designed to allow seo, it also allows multiple templates and you can start with our base model and if you want more we can do it. We want you to use the CMS to optimise your site when you build the content as you know your business but we are on hand to assist.