search engine optimisers good or bad?
search engine optimisers can be good and bad, white hat or black hat. one thing for sure is they will all charge you for the work and they may in fact not be helping.

if a black hat search engine optimiser gets onto your site, there are some things that they can do which will make you go up on google search return for your terms but if google finds out?? your site will be penalised? go to google webmaster pages and you will see things that should not be done. if search engine optimiser suggests any of these things then you should avoid them.

search engine optimiser who are good, will want access to your site and they will adjust content , they will add url and image descriptions, they will make your site search engine friendly and maybe do more such as improve your content and imporve who you link to. You can do all this with a decent CMS- content management system.