website design in tunbridge wells on the border of kent and sussex
Internet DM based in tunbridge wells on kent sussex border is a family run company that supplies hand made search engine friendly , seo'd , websites to large and small business. The head programmer has worked for large and small companies designing websites.

WE believe that Website design if often only thought off as how a site looks, this is so if you are a designer. A serious web programmer will gve you a beautiful search engine friendly website that with the help of good CMS content managment system will allow you to seo search engine optimis your own site . With out the search engine friendly cms and the seo then you may end up with a great looking site that nobody can find. Then you turn to black hat SEO search engine optmisers to make your site found on google. If a SEO is not updating wording and or content of the website then what he is doing is probably not strictly legal and may count against your website

you buy a splendid looking site but the overall website design is neither search engine friendly or Seo able and you have nothing. so we work the opposite we want your website design to come after you have your search engine friendly SEO website. so our CMS comes with a standard look that you can take and try with out spending money on a design. once your site can be found on google then is the time to think about making it pretty.

We may be based in tunbridge wells on kent sussex border but this the internet we can do work any where in the world, in fact we did have a site based in the usa once.