Samuel Harmsworth science and fantasy fiction author
Samuel Harmsworth is an unashamed sucker for science fiction and fantasy, a graduate in Marine Biology and a self-confessed wannabe fish. It is not difficult, then, to understand what might have driven him to write science and fantasy fiction novel about another world where the hero is not restricted by his biologically-given breathing apparatus.

Samuel Harmsworth grew up in sunny Devon and enjoyed a pleasant upbringing in a small, peaceful village called Bere Alston. giving him plenty of time to read science and fantasy fiction novels.

His love of the sea started with his regular holidays to Cornwall where he would consistently fail at surfing and end up at the mercy of the currents. Snorkelling, a much more achievable pass-time, opened his eyes to what lay beneath the surface. It wasn't quite enough though. Samuel Harmsworth started freediving, too, plunging into shoals of fish with abandon. Eventually, he went one stage further and learned to scuba dive. Bobbing around eerie shipwrecks off the coast of Dover was an experience he will never forget.